Green Velvet Moon Music ... music for relaxation, pleasure and healing inspired by the melodies and rhythms of nature


ImageEnjoy the relaxing sounds of Fantasia Pastorale: Musical Moments in Nature.

Come experience a sanctuary of original, classical-inspired piano music that captures the moods and subtle rhythms of nature.

My name is Lisa Provedor-Snyder and I'm a composer of instrumental piano music. The piano keys have been my loyal companions ever since I was a child.  Every time I play, they spin a magic that allows me to hear the sounds of nature ringing out from each tone.

Sometimes I also sense beautiful music emanating from flower petals, an evening sky, or a tempestuous storm. This collection of music is my own attempt to capture something of that deep mysterious music which is always present in the natural world.

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ImageWhat people are saying about Fantasia Pastorale:

"Beautiful and relaxing - I play it during my evening bath for total luxury." - Catherine

"What lovely music! I close my eyes so I can appreciate every note." - Louisa

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