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ImageNEW! Fantasia Pastorale

Enjoy a new album of beautiful classical-inspired music that captures the many moods of nature, featuring the original piano compositions of Lisa Provedor-Snyder.



ImageAbout Lisa

Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Lisa Provedor-Snyder, and I'm a composer of instrumental piano music.My greatest desire is to calm, inspire and touch the spirit of each person who listens to my music.

I've been creating music since I was a child, playing my family's old piano in the basement. The tones that rang out of it became, for me, the sounds and shapes of nature.

Later in my life, it also began to work the other way. Out in nature, I began to hear music in the petals of flowers and the movement of the wind.  This blending of music and nature has resulted in Fantasia Pastorale, a collection of instrumental pieces that combines classical and new age sounds.

I receive great pleasure in sharing my music, both through the CD and in the performances I give in venues around the Victoria area.  And nature continues, like a faithful friend, to inspire me to compose new pieces.

I truly hope that my music can be a sanctuary: a quiet meadow, seashore, or even the centre of a whirling storm, where a person can simultaneously lose themselves and also find something: refuge from the chaos of life, inspiration, or just simple enjoyment.

Thank you for slipping into the website to take a look.  Please feel free to take a few moments to relax and listen to some samples of my music .